my space,のようなので。 It seems to be my space.

Date : 24-25 JAN. 2009
Interview Show /120min, 2 Stages.
Space : Komaba Theater/Tokyo

The boundary of self and the world.
The interview Show is an Event Art which started in 2007.
I will ask questions "How do you see the world?" and repeat it in various way.
The answer of an interviewee deepens the thought such as the introspection by repeating the question and answer for same topics and will lose consistency. And then,We can see the process that "my contour" begins to dissolve in the world.
It is always "Me" which continue changing that this process shows.

The memory which go out to outside from personal mind create expression.
At the interview show of 2009, the depicter such as the actor, a dancer and a musician
were chosen as main interviewee.
We can see lot of Art expression which is influenced by the personal memory and personal space of mind killed in our social.
The title "It seems to be my space" shows the process which the boundary of others and me melts and rebuilt again.
I uncovered how the process of disappearance and the rebuilding of this personal
boundary create art when I do an unpredictable public interview as my performance.

An interview is put into an etude made from the personal memory of depicters.
And we shared the rule of choosing different answers and different question
every performance for the same topic.


Mia Eiki, Yoichi Komuro, Chintaijinkaku, Keiko Matsushita, Kanade Yagi,
Takeshi Watanabe ,Maya Ohkura, Miyuki Kawamura

Soround Poem:Hirokazu Hiraishi
Art Object:“Whimsical catch” Rintaro Hara
Sound:DJ Shimakuro

Direction:Miyuki Kawamura

Assistant directionKanade Yagi

Cooperation:ABRF, Inc. / The University of Tokyo Interfaculty Initiative in
Information Studies Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies /
MySpace Japan
Organize : Ikegami Laboratory (University of Tokyo)

photo by Asaco Suzuki