The Party -You Are Already Within

Party ART

Time to wait for the presence that is hidden has motivation to move the World.

"The Party-You Are Already Within" artificially creates an unknown atmosphere.
There is clearly something in the air and the uncertainty pervades the entire room.
But even if the "secret" is hidden or exposed, known or unknown to the guests, the "secret" doesn't change its shape and stays the same throughout the party.
It remains exactly the same as it was, even after it has been revealed.
Within this two hours, by sharing the time and space with  other guests, each one of them experience and share the "secret".

 This Invitation was sent to the guests one month prior to the event.

 Invitation for "The Party-You Are Already Within"
 Date: October 25th, 2003.
 Time: 18:00 opening of the venue
 18:20 party commences

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