Yama no Atosaki (Leaving behind)

Time Scale Art, / Video installation 
Video : 1 min / roupe 
Capacete Entretenimentos (Rio de Janeiro /BRASIL)
Kitakyushu International Village Center(Kitakyusyu) 

  When we ride a bicycle going down on the steep hillside, with its slanting lane and sheer speed, we can not see the whole image of the mountain as we are still "inside" of it. Then, as we reach the bottom of the mountain and riding away from it we see the whole shape of the mountain but we are no longer inside of it. Riding a bicycle can give me a sense of flying at a steep hillside, and it also tells me the shape of the mountain, the distance with the sky, and how the mountain merge with flat lands -- perhaps, it tells how a mountain lies.
 Two video projectors were used showing the images on the wall outside of the
building. We held a party at the garden right in front of the building for the
screening day. For the guests, I prepared a cake which had a shape of a mountain.
 The garden was facing the building and on the other side, there was a mountain, which is considered to be the symbol of this city; Sarakura mountain.

This work was also shown at the group exhibition in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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