Exploring Performances Experimentally

Experimental Dance, Lecture Performance 
July 5, 2010
Festival : WWFes 2010
Asahi Art Square (Tokyo,Japan)

Vol.4 Dance

Experiment of the interaction of body and consciousness.
Dancer has a rich consciousness with a limited by the body.
MTM  have a simple consciousness without limited by the body.

[MTM ]Mind Time Machine :
Simulation system of subjective consciousness by Takashi Ikegami ( University of Tokyo ) Takashi Ikegami. The video version had presentation at YCAM in 2010.

Vol 1: Simply Exploring

Vol.2 : Freely Exploring

Vol.3 : Exploring with Speech

SOUND MTM (prototype)
Concept and Direction:Takashi Ikegami (Scientist)
Programming assistant : Yuta Ogai , Akihiko Matsumoto

Megumi Kamimura
Taiyo Tochiaki
Pijin Neji

Curation: Miyuki Kawamura