Beginning - A view from the space ship

Time Scale ART
helpartime (TOKYO)

The ceremony of rediscovering the everyday scenery.
This work can be interpreted as a ceremony of rediscovering the everyday  scenery around us.
By listening to a fictional story of the link between our lives and the universe, the view in front of us somehow is changed. Even the way we look at the sky can be slightly different after taking part in the work.
At the end of this work, audience opens his eyes and sees the view of Tokyo city right in fort of him as this small room has an entire wall made of glass.
The view is incredible. 
Now he is left in the room, looking out the window, one particular day, one particular moment, facing the view of Tokyo metropolis with its gigantic Shinjyuku buildings further away.None of the elements in each performance were the same; the condition of the light in the room, temperature, the view from the window and even the way story was  told. 

Sweet drink made from fermented rice, Storyteller, Scenery.

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