Stay in the LADY H

Time Scale ART 
Exhibition title : HOSOMI CONTEMPORARY003-Toricol'art


  After completing the work  "Beginning -a view from the space ship", I wanted to explore further the concept of how our imagery perception can be changed with narratives.
 In preparation of this work, I had a series of interviews with a woman called “Lady H” over a two-month period. I knew nothing about her prior to this work.
We exchanged several correspondences and sometimes she took me out for a walk around Tokyo.
Consequently, I created a fictional story about her inner thoughts and the landscape that lives in her mind.
The purpose of this work is for viewers to experience her inner world by listing to the fictional story and learning it through the different senses: namely, hearing, smelling, and from witnessing.


Place: A teahouse in Hosomi museum (Hosomi museum in Kyoko is renowned for its exquisite old Japanese garden and tea house.)
5 performances / day x 4 days = 20 performances.  Reservation only.

Mizuho Araki,  Shinichiro Sugiyama, Ippei Ikeda, Kanade Yagi, Ai Hayashi

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